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Transdisciplinary, Multimodal System to Address the Contribution of Attention Deficit Disorder to Obesity

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ADD Diagnosis

The Being Well Center: 30 years and 10,000 patients. We know ADD.

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ADD>><<Obesity Screener

Weight struggles? Pay attention to the link between ADD and Obesity. Use this screener to identify issues.

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Battling lifelong weight issues?  Frustrated?  Defeated?  Feeling labeled as “lazy,” “unmotivated,” or “irresponsible?”

Willing to give it one more try?

You’re not alone, and a path to success is within your reach.

Research shows that 25 to 40% of overweight/obese individuals have unrecognized or improperly treated ADD/ADHD.  The core characteristics of ADD/ADHD including low arousal, impulsivity, distractibility, short attention span, time/task management difficulties, and poor self-monitoring can contribute to unwanted weight gain and act as barriers to weight loss efforts.

Stop the embarrassment-failure cycle.  With an accurate identification of attention problems, you and your doctor can make effective changes in your treatment and lifestyle.

Weight loss and life change are on your horizon.

FACES is an affordable, digital assessment of attention and executive function.  Take FACES at home to see if you’re at-risk for attention issues that could be an underlying contributor to your weight challenges.  Share your results with a healthcare professional and get started on a new, targeted path to success.

Steps to Success with ADD-Obesity

  1. Take the Overweight-ADD Screener.
  2. Read ADD Basics 101 to understand attentional differences and to find a trusted healthcare provider.
  3. Share your Screener results and confirm ADD diagnosis with your healthcare provider or ADD expert in your area.
  4. Develop a Multimodal Success Plan with your healthcare provider.
  5. Pay attention as you turn your life around and shed the pounds!